Werkleitz Festival

31.5.–9.6. 2024

Feature-length film Alcarràs – Die letzte Ernte

ES/IT 2022
Tu, 4.6.24 20:00
Kleine Ulrichstraße 22 Zazie Kino 06108 Halle (Saale)

The Solés family has been growing peaches in Alcarràs, a Catalan village not far from Lleida, for 80 years. This summer, they are gathering for the last time to harvest together. The land was once given to them by the landowner Pinyol. But the young Pinyol wants nothing more to do with his grandfather's handshake. He demands the land back in order to build a photovoltaic system on it. As the end of the summer approaches, tensions in the family increase. The Solés almost overlook the fact that they hold a trump card that no one can take away from them.
Carla Simón shot Alcarràs with non-professional actors from the Alcarràs region, who have a strong connection to the land and soil and speak the region's special dialect. Simón herself comes from there, and her family also lives from fruit growing. Alcarràs tells of the Solés' last harvest in a uniquely polyphonic way, orchestrated with exuberant energy and moments of silence. In his review in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Philipp Stadelmaier compares the film, which was awarded the Golden Bear at the 2022 Berlinale, with other famous summer films that measure the transience of time, discuss brutal changes in the outside world and deal with questions of heritage and tradition. "In Alcarràs, on the other hand, there is only the collective creation of memories for the time when the world of peaches will no longer exist."

Carla Simón
ES/IT 2022, 120 min
Catalan original version with German subtitles