Werkleitz Festival

31.5.–9.6. 2024

Short film program Wert der Arbeit, Lohn der Bildung

Sa, 1.6.24 20:00
Kleine Ulrichstraße 22 Kino Zazie 06108 Halle (Saale)

At the end of Yves Allégret's educational film Prix et profits (la pomme de terre) from 1931, a farmer and a worker meet at the outskirts of Paris and shake hands in a close-up lasting several seconds. The image stands for the demand for solidarity between the exploited classes against the capitalist market and pricing system, which creates unequal conditions. The conversion to a sustainable economy cannot avoid the social question. This concerns fair producer prices as well as the question of the affordability of healthy food. Against this backdrop, the short film program Wert der Arbeit, Lohn der Bildung (Value of Work, Wages of Education) takes us on a journey through time from the left-wing progressive reform efforts in France in the 1930s to the global financial industry's current grip on undeveloped land. Barbara Musil visualizes this seemingly invisible and abstract process in market sentiments (2007) using the example of the Estonian land market.
In Ein Bauer und seine Frau, Eduard Schreiber documents the reality of farm work, which the younger generation in the GDR of the early 1980s preferred to life in the city. The couple hopes that their grandchildren will help them keep their farm. Sónia Vaz Borges and Filipa César recall the revolutionary practice of an education that combines physical and intellectual knowledge in Mangrove School, an essay film about the nomadic schools during the war of independence in Guinea-Bissau in the 1960s/70s.