Werkleitz Festival

31.5.–9.6. 2024

Panel 2 Landwirt:in sein und bleiben

Tu, 4.6.24 14:30
Große Ulrichstraße 13 06108 Halle (Saale)

Fuel or food, organic or conventional, grow or give way - these supposedly simple options represent enormous and complex changes in contemporary agriculture. They also represent the pressure most farmers are under to constantly adapt to new economic circumstances and social expectations.

For the panel Landwirt:in sein und bleiben (Being a farmer), three active farmers with different farms have been invited to talk about their experiences of transformation. How do they deal with high land prices? How do they deal with the effects of the climate crisis, unreliable agricultural policy and low profit margins? And what other personal challenges do they face?

These questions have been addressed in Antje Schiffer's work "I like being a farmer and would like to stay one" since 2000. The artist swaps her own paintings of the farm and fields for video portraits filmed by the farmers themselves. The resulting collection of short films documents various processes of change in European agriculture. For the panel Being a farmer, Schiffers will show excerpts from three of these video portraits and discuss them with the farmers present.

With Luisa Maushake, Antje Schiffers, Jonas Schulze-Niehoff (Jonas' Schätze) and Anna Catharina Voges (Saat-Gut Plaußig Voges KG).
Curated and hosted by Amelie Befeldt.