Werkleitz Festival

31.5.–9.6. 2024

Panel 4 Weg der Ware

We, 5.6.24 14:30
Große Ulrichstraße 13 06108 Halle (Saale)

The trade in agricultural products is a global business. Cities are not adequately supplied by their surrounding areas, and many foods are transported thousands of kilometers to reach consumers. With the possible exception of asparagus, rhubarb and a few winter vegetables, there is hardly a season on the supermarket shelves in Germany. If the climate policy goals are also to be achieved in agriculture and food supply and social standards are aimed to be guaranteed along the entire supply chain, then we need to consider transportation, infrastructure and global working conditions. How do foods get to the city? Whose hands harvest the standardized fruits and vegetables in Europe's greenhouse plantations? How can the planetary connection between nature, humans and technology be conceived and realized outside of a purely mechanistic view of the world? Along these questions, the panel Weg der Ware (Path of the Commodity) presents and discusses artistic-filmic practices that combine historical research, political activism and educational work in different ways. Accompanied by Solène Luginsland from Interbrigadas, Aline Juárez will contextualize her documentary Frutos de Resistencia, which was shot in Almería, Spain.
Sandra Schäfer, who is also represented in the festival exhibition with Into the Magnetic Fields, looks at the history of mechanical soil cultivation through to the current development of AI applications in agriculture. Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page furthermore present their project The Last Mile. Güterversorgung nach dem Dieselverbot on the topic of energy and transportation transition.

With Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page, Interbrigadas, Aline Juárez and Sandra Schäfer.
Curated and hosted by Florian Wüst.